The Kent Companies Donates $85,000 to Buckner of Midland

The Kent Companies is thrilled to announce that they recently presented Buckner of Midland with a check for $85,000. This generous donation represents the proceeds from The Kent Companies charity golf tournament, held this past June at Odessa Country Club.

The Kent Companies, a prominent and community-oriented organization, has always been committed to giving back to the communities it serves. Their annual charity golf tournament is a testament to this commitment, bringing together partners, vendors, and friends for a day of fun on the greens, all in the name of charity. This year’s tournament was a resounding success, that resulted in our largest charity golf check presentation to date.

Buckner of Midland is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable children, and families. For the last three years, Bucker has been the beneficiary of the tournament’s proceeds. The $85,000 donation will undoubtedly have a significant and lasting impact on the lives of those they serve.

The check presentation was an event symbolizing the power of community support and collaboration. It showcased the values that drive The Kent Companies – a commitment to social responsibility, a deep appreciation for community, and a genuine desire to make a difference. A huge thank you you to all our participants and we look forward to seeing you all again at our 2024 golf outing.

New Kent Kwik Travel Center Opens in West Odessa

Kent Kwik is happy to announce the grand opening of the brand-new Kent Kwik Travel Center in West Odessa. Located at 3600 W 8th, Odessa, TX, this travel center brings comfort and a wide range of amenities to locals and travelers 24/7. From a full-service deli to trucker-friendly amenities like showers and ample parking space, this Kent Kwik has truly raised the bar for what a travel center can be. Regardless of the hour, we welcome you with open arms, ensuring that your journey is never interrupted by time constraints. Whether you’re craving a midnight snack, need to refuel during the early hours, or simply want to stretch your legs, this new location is your go-to destination.

Foodies rejoice, for this Kent Kwik hosts a full-service deli that will satisfy all your cravings any time of day. Offering a diverse menu that caters to all preferences, you can indulge in freshly prepared meals that range from favorites like breakfast burritos to pizza and gourmet burgers. This made-to-order deli ensures that your pit stop is not only convenient but also satisfying. For those in a hurry, we keep our hot and cold boxes fully stocked with all your favorites.

Kent Kwik takes your fueling needs to the next level. With a range of fuel options including ethanol-free fuel and DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) available at the pumps, you have the assurance that your vehicle’s requirements are well taken care of. The diesel island caters specifically to truckers, offering a seamless experience that keeps your journey smooth and uninterrupted. Also for truckers, the Kent Kwik Travel Center has truck parking that alleviates the stress of finding suitable space, you can rest assured that your rig is secure while you take a break. The availability of showers ensures that you can freshen up after a long haul, revitalizing yourself before hitting the road again. This dedication to trucker-friendly amenities showcases Kent Kwik’s commitment to supporting the backbone of our economy.

The new Kent Kwik Travel Center in West Odessa has added a much needed travel stop in this area, providing a one-stop destination that caters to all your needs. With its 24-hour accessibility, delectable deli, premium fuel options, trucker-friendly amenities, drive-thru, and beer cave, this travel center is more than just a stop – it’s an integral part of your journey.

Kent Kwik & The Kent Companies Donates $65,000 to local organization

On Monday, November 7th, members of the Kent Companies Team presented Buckner of Midland with a check for $65,000. This money was collected as the proceeds from The Kent Companies Annual Charity Golf Tournament, this past June. The golf tournament was hosted at Odessa County Club and featured more than 200 players, which has been the largest turnout for the tournament. Naturally, with the largest tournament, this is also the largest check that has been presented from this event.

Buckner of Midland provides adoption services and a variety of services for single-parent families in Midland. The Kent Companies is proud to have supported such a great organization over the last few years, through the charity golf tournament.

Two New Kent Kwiks Coming to Midland

Kent Kwik is looking to help all local travelers with the locations of their two new stores set to open in early and mid-2023.

First, located off 1788, at the entrance of the Midland Airport, this Kent Kwik will make for a much-needed convenient stop for those flying in and out of Midland. The layout of this store will be similar to our newest builds in Midland and Odessa and will feature a full-service deli, plus a 24-hour car wash. In the last year, Kent Kwik’s deli menu has introduced new burgers like the Basin burger, featuring avocado and fried jalapenos, and the Buck burger which is piled high with shredded brisket. This deli will feature these burgers and all other classic items. While traveling along 1788 night or day, this will be a beacon of light for all who are looking to fuel up and refresh. Look for a grand opening around the first of the year.

Second, those traveling along 349 towards Lubbock, will now have a new Kent Kwik to stop at complete with a full-service deli and manned car wash. The deli menu here will also feature the new burgers and other specials, like pizza. Fully stocked with all your favorite snacks there will also be a drive-thru and walk-in beer cave. This is the perfect neighborhood stop or last stop leaving town.

In addition to these two new stores, Kent Kwik is currently remodeling stores in Tennesee. Outside of Kent Kwik, The Kent Companies is building two new WesTex Urgent Care clinics in Midland and Odessa. These new clinics will take over the original locations and the old clinics will be closed.

First Stand-Alone Rustic opens in Odessa, tx

The Kent Companies opens their first stand-alone Rustic Cafe to meet the demands of hungry eaters in Odessa, TX. Guests who frequent the home-style cafes in Midland, Haskell and Alamogordo, NM, are used to the restaurant being attached to Kent Kwik Travel Centers. While this Rustic shares a parking lot, it is not attached to the truck stop.

Allowing for a more spacious dining room and banquet room, guests can expect the same high-quality food and service. Rustic Cafe is known for dishes like their fall off the plate chicken fried steak, legen-dairy milkshakes and breakfast served all day. If eaters are feeling adventurous they can try the 2-burger challenge to get their picture donned on the wall of fame.

Making things easier for on-the-go guests. The restaurant features a special to-go entrance and pick-up window. So whether you’re dining in, hosting a party in the banquet room, or carrying out, we have space for you. View our full menu here: Rustic Cafe Menu